take care of hair

1 - Should only be placed by a professional
The most suitable is to look for a professional you trust to put the mega hair. Currently, there are several color and texture options and it is he who will have the expertise in combining the extension with his original hair.

2 - Avoid chemicals after applying it
It is always good to avoid chemistry during the period when you have mega hair. This is because it can cause an intense fall in the wires.

3 - Attention when going to sleep
The silk pillowcase or hat helps to protect the locks from drying out and breaking, so be sure to use it at bedtime. This is even true for those who have curly (or frizzy) hair and want to avoid frizz and keep curls for much longer. Also, never sleep with wet wires - so you prevent the glue from applying to soften.

4 - When washing your hair, pay attention to the scalp
Washing the scalp is not always an easy task due to mega hair. Therefore, give preference to specific shampoos and conditioners for oily hair, as they do not have so many moisturizers. Also avoid products with alcohol.

5 - Be careful when combing the threads
The ideal is to divide the hair into sections and comb one lock at a time - always slowly, combing from top to bottom with brushes and flexible bristle combs. Preferably without those little balls on the ends.

6 - Dryer and flat iron
The high temperature of these electrical appliances can impair the durability of the extensions. Therefore, leave a distance of at least 15 centimeters between the dryer and the hair. If using the flat iron, the perfect distance is three fingers between the joint and the appliance.

7 - Avoid swimming pools
Unfortunately chlorine interferes with the durability of the extension and can also change the tone of the hair, especially the lighter ones. Thus, on the hottest days give preference to beaches or waterfalls to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

8 - Let the wire breathe
Normally every two or three months the mega hair is renewed. When this happens, take a break of at least 24 hours between removed and new hair. Otherwise, the scalp may become weak and even hinder the natural growth of the hair. Take advantage of this break to hydrate and strengthen your locks.

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